The next generation network architecture will not be another iteration on the previous one.


The human race is at a fork in the road in which existential threats loom, even while innovation, the infinite resource [Naam], provides us with the key to avoid extinction level events [ELE] and strive towards a prosperous utopia. The current Internet is a technological marvel, gifting mankind with tools to innovate at an ever increasing exponential rate. We depend on such innovation if we are to survive and thrive as a species. However, the need for faster, quicker, and more ubiquitous communication continues to expand in scope, even bringing in everyday objects and machines. The current network architecture, which was built by corporations in order to maximize share-holder profits, is flawed, due to the centralized nature of the business model, and by the resulting centralized networks which have been created.

The next generation network architecture will not be another iteration on the previous one. It will be a revolutionary architecture, built from the ground-up, in a decentralized manner, incentivized by blockchain cryptocurrencies, powered by renewable transactive energy, and enabled by peer-to-peer Meshed communication. The new network will expand in scope, not merely supporting the exchange of information, but also of energy, goods, services, and quality-of-service (QoS) – In short, an Internet of Value (IoV). Some of us will witness the colonization of Mars, which, unfortunately, like many places on Earth, is barren in terms of an IoV Infrastructure to support a prosperous community.

Thus, the Universal Connectivity and Consensus Association (UCCO.io) is formed in order to speed up the realization of such an IoV Infrastructure, to bring dignity and a sustainable livelihood for the 3.9 Billion people without internet access, 2 Billion people who are unbanked, and 1.2 Billion without access to electricity [Paygo].

UCCO is composed of SmartMesh,MeshBox,RSK,Dcntral,Mesh++,Stealth Grid,MATRIX.