Inclusive FinTech Summit 2018

Inclusive FinTech Summit 2018
Inclusive Blockchain: Distributing Trust & Wealth

The Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) and Singapore Fintech Associationwill jointly organise the “Inclusive FinTech Summit 2018” at Singapore Sands Expo &Convention Centre (Marina Bay Sands) on 15 November 2018, Thursday. This Summit will offer expert insights into innovative solutions in financial technology and provide thoughtful discussions on a series of topics such as Distributing Trust & Wealth, Cost of Governance, and Innovation versus Cost of Trust. To date, speakers who will be speaking at this Summit include trailblazers and thought leaders from organisations such as Zhongchao Blockchain Technology Research Institute (ZCBTRI), World Bank Group, SCRY.INFO and Least Authority.

新加坡新跃社科大学联新加坡金融科技协会将于 2018 年 11 月 15 日在新加坡滨海湾会展 中心举办“2018 普惠金融科技峰会”。本届峰会将深度讨论金融科技及创新解决方案,并探讨 社会扩容、监管成本、创新与信任等一系列话题。目前,已确认出席本次峰会并发表演讲的包 括来自中钞区块链技术研究院、世界银行集团、SCRY.INFO、以及 Least Authority 的资深代 表们。

Date|日期: 15 November 2018, Thursday (2018 年 11 月 15 日,星期四)

Time|时间: 9:00am–5:30pm(上午9点-下午5点30分)

Venue|地点: Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Marina Bay Sands L3 Hibiscus(新加坡滨海湾会展中心,三层 Hibiscus 宴会厅)

10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956

Programme Details 峰会议程
15 November 2018, Thursday (2018 年 11 月 15 日,星期四)


Invited Speakers (updated on 21 September 2018)
邀请嘉宾名单 (更新至 2018 年 9 月 21 日)

1. Mr Zhang Yifeng, Director, Zhongchao Blockchain Technology Research Institute (ZCBTRI)
中钞区块链技术研究院院长 张一锋

2. Ms Lesly Goh, Chief Technology Officer, World Bank Group
世界银行集团首席技术官 Lesly Goh

3. Prof Deng Xin, Associate Professor of Finance, Head of Corporate Finance Department, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, China
上海财经大学金融学副教授、公司金融系主任 邓辛
4. Ms Eva Foo, CEO, SCRY.INFO
SCRY.INFO 创始人 符安文

5. Mr Jack Lee, Partner, HCM Capital of Foxconn Tech Group
富士康科技集团 HCM 资本的创始管理合伙人 李仁杰
6. Ms Selina Lin Yang, Chairman & CEO of the Executive Committee, DRC Foundation
DRC 基金会主席、执行委员会 CEO 林杨
7. Mr Jong Kim Poh, CEO and Co-Founder, RevoFintec Pte Ltd
RevoFintec 有限公司首席执行官兼联合创始人 Jong Kim Poh
8. Ms Liz Steininger, CEO and Managing Director, Least Authority
Least Authority 首席执行官兼常务董事 Liz Steininger
9. Mr Zhao Weixing, President and CEO, XWBank, Sichuan, China
中国四川新网银行行长、执行董事 赵卫星
10. Mr Chia Hock Lai, President, Singapore FinTech Association.
新加坡金融科技协会会长 Chia Hock Lai

11. Prof David Lee Kuo Chuen, Professor of Finance, School of Business, SUSS
新跃社科大学商学院教授 李国权
12. [Inviting] Mr Yao Qian, Director, Digital Currency Research Institute, the People’s Bank of China
[邀请中] 中国人民银行数字货币研究所所长 姚前
13. [Inviting] Mr Simon Cooper, CEO, Corporate & Institutional Banking, Standard Chartered
[邀请中] 渣打集团企业与机构银行首席执行官 Simon Cooper

List of Topics 峰会议题

Topic 1: Convergence of Technology: ABCD and BASIC
技术融合:ABCD & BASIC*

Topic 2: Inclusive FinTech Engineering & Design Thinking

Topic 3: Cost of Governance

Topic 4: Base Layer and Second Layer: Innovation versus Cost of Trust

Topic 5: Minimizing Cost of Trust and Maximizing Cost of Hacking

Topic 6: Valuation of Blockchain: a myth?

Topic 7: Blockchain Standards

*ABCD: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Cloud, Data Technology. 人工智能,区块链,云技术,数据科技BASIC: Blockchain, AI, Security, Internet of Things, Cloud. 区块链,人工智能,安全,物联网,云技术

Venue Information 会场信息

Main venue: Marina Bay Sands L3 HibiscusMain Ballroom
主会场: 新加坡滨海湾会展中心,三层 Hibiscus 宴会厅

Max seating capacity: 1200 pax. 最多可容纳 1200 人
Approximate lettable area: 1366 sqm. 会场面积 1366 平方米

Sessions in the main venue will have live Chinese-English translation.

Second venue: Marina Bay Sands L3 Hibiscus Main Ballroom
分会场: 新加坡滨海湾会展中心,三层 Hibiscus 宴会厅

Max seating capacity: 600 pax. 最多可容纳 600 人
Approximate lettable area: 700 sqm. 会场面积约 700 平方米

Call for Sponsorship

The sponsorship rights may have slight changes subject to the venue condition

  1. The SUSS FinTech & Blockchain website, at
  2. Sponsor description and e-Flyers will be attached in the Summit e-Programme.
  3. Sponsors shall bring own roll-up banners or standees. Rectangular table measured at 182.9cm x 76.2cm x 76.2cm; cocktail table measured at 76.2cm diameter x 91.5cm height.
  4. Sponsors can distribute door gift(s) or brochures at lunch.



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  2. 赞助商简介和电子宣传单将附在电子会议手册中。
  3. 贵司需自带宣传横幅或广告的支架。所提供的展示桌尺寸为长 182.9cm x 宽 76.2cm x 高76.2cm;所提供的鸡尾酒桌尺寸为直径 76.2cm x 高 91.5cm。
  4. 赞助商可在午餐时间发放会议伴手礼或宣传手册。

Exhibition Booth 展台

VIP meeting room VIP 会议室

Note: Venue display is for reference only.