Blockchain decentralized networks, a new technology that change the future

After 30 years of rapid development in the mobile communications industry, mobile phones have become an indispensable carry-on item for ordinary people. Ma Yun said: The first thing when wake up every morning is not to touch my wife but to touch a mobile phone. But do you really know about  such commonly used things? Usually, as an ordinary user, we  care only about the various functions of  the mobile phone and don’t care much about the technical principles behind it. However, after spending a little time understanding these technologies, what you find may surprise you.

When you call a cell phone, the follow things will happen in the  mobile communication network : First, your voice will be made to a packet by your phone . This data packet will be send to the base station through the wireless  network. The base station again transferred this data packet to the wired central network, and forward to arrive at the central server in  cloud side . The cloud program looks for the information of the other party’s mobile phone in the database, and then returns through the various paths to find the other party.

This mechanism is a typical scenario for our mobile phone. We do this everyday, but don’t you think this road is too far away? Yes, every time you send a packet, the packet must travel hundreds of kilometres before it can be delivered. Now you understand why it takes so long time to dial a phone call. At the same time, problems such as delays, non-responses, disconnections, ambiguous sounds, may occur.

Remember the slogan of the Internet of Things? “All things can be connected”, relying on the existing network to realize the interconnection of all things is actually taking a huge risk, because people can wait, the machine can not, when the dialogue happened between the device and the signal is interrupted, the device  will lose its value  , and it may even cause disaster. For example, a self-driving car, if there is a delay of a few seconds in the communication on the highway, the consequences would be disastrous. But this kind of delay is happening every day for mobile phone users.

In the next generation of networks, the connection between devices and devices should be direct peer-to-peer communication. Do not go to the cloud again, and more and more people are beginning to realize this. When the consensus reached enough people, they came together to form the Global  Consensus and connectivity organization , or UCCO.

In the UCCO’s founding declaration, they wrote that the next generation network architecture will not be another iteration on the previous one.  It will be a revolutionary architecture, built from the ground-up, in a decentralized manner, incentivized by blockchain cryptocurrencies, powered by renewable transactive energy, and enabled by peer-to-peer Meshed communication.

Peer-to-peer transmission is a kind of mesh structure called Mesh. Nodes in the network can directly connect with each other without the cloud server in thousands of miles away. These nodes can be mobile phones, wearables, sensors, WiFi or other IoT facilities. While reducing the working pressure on the central server network, point-to-point communications can communicate more quickly and easily.

In addition to be efficient, fast, and protecting user privacy, the greater highlight is that it is based on blockchain technology. Blockchain technology makes it possible to pass value. People can earn encrypted currency by sharing their own bandwidth. The more people use the mesh net, the higher the income. This mechanism motivates people to participate in the construction of this network with great enthusiasm. In the future, everyone can become an operator. The combined network is not only the Internet, the Internet of Things, but also a value network.

In the future, the decentralized model will quickly grow and produce a variety of ecological environments. People can use such networks for communication, , shopping and entertainment. The network will also reach far beyond where human has never been before, from crowded down town to remote countryside, from uninhabited deserts to silent islands. Thanks to the small size and lightweight network, mesh network  can be found everywhere.

UCCO’s alliance members include SmartMesh, MeshBox, RSK, Dcntral, Mesh++, Stealth Grid, and MATRIX. These companies focus on different aspects and they have different technical expertise. However, the consensus on decentralized network communications makes them gather to form the UCCO .

On April 17th, UCCO was formally established at tthe Global Inclusive Blockchain Conference in Singapore. . The decentralized network based on blockchain technology was fated to receive high attention from the world since it was born. Will it become the next revolutionary new technology that leads people’s lives and changes the production and life style of countless people in the world?


A new era is coming.